Understand the Story of God
Finally, a simple way you can hear, discuss, and engage with the single storyline of the entire Bible. Whether you've never "got" the Bible before, or you've studied it for years — the Story of God Weekend is for you.
Here's What You'll Discover
Take away more than you ever have from the Bible. Come as you are. Join the dialogue.
Hear the single story of the whole Bible
Through the lost art of orality, we will move through the storyline of the Bible chronologically in 6 dynamic Acts.
Learn from others through open discussion
As we work through the Story together using a dialogical method of learning (i.e. dialogue), we will find God mysteriously at work through each individual.
Explore major themes of the Bible from beginning to end
As we move through the Story, we will encounter major themes and observe how each theme passes through movements of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.
Find out what the Bible says about our deepest struggles and God's answer
The Bible confronts life head on. Nothing gets sugar-coated or glossed over. This is what makes this Story so believable. It addresses our deepest messes with real answers and leaves us with real hope.
Ask questions you've always wondered about
As the drama of the Story unfolds, the Story will leave many of our questions suspended, only to resolve the tension in the most ironic of ways.
Watch God's plan restore everything as it unfolds through the Bible
God's design intent from the beginning was beautiful in every way. Then Creation became broken. God's plan involves total restoration; a re-purposing of life back to His original creation intent.

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Story of God FAQs
Got a question about how a Story of God weekend works? No problem.

Grab this PDF for more info about joining the Story of God. It includes answers to FAQs and a basic outline of the weekend so you know exactly what to expect.

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