Find restoration. Cultivate beauty. Fill Asheville NC with brightness. This is the offer of Jesus through the work of His grace.

Soma Asheville Church

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For a Sunday Gathering or a casual Meal
God's desire is to write beautiful stories through our lives. He sent Jesus to remake our broken stories into something meaningful, beautiful and bright.

Come experience a Sunday Gathering or enjoy a meal with a Missional Community small group.
Sunday Gathering, 5pm
Gather with us Sundays at 5pm in the Upper room of Calvary Baptist Church located at 531 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806
Missional Community Meal
Join us during the week at a MC to share life over great food and explore what it means to exist as a healthy, whole family.
We invite you to join the Soma Asheville Zoom Prayer Room every Monday at noon to pray for the country of Ukraine.

Zoom Prayer Monday at Noon

All of us desire to be truly known. We long for safe spaces to ask real-life questions.

A Home Worth Experiencing

Asheville longs for true beauty. It's written on all of our hearts, whether religious, skeptical, cynical, addicted, or affluent. At Soma, we believe the person and work of Jesus can make your life beautiful. He makes the Church a safe home to explore His love.
A Life Worth Living

All of us desire a life worth living. At Soma, you can enjoy life together in 3 meaningful ways: As Family, you can give and receive unconditional love; As Servants, you can sacrificially serve your neighbors; As Missionaries you can share good news with our city.

A Conversation Worth Having

You have questions about life and turn to a variety of sources looking for certainty and hope. At Soma, we believe the God of Scripture offers living hope through His Word. Come dialogue through the real issues of life and discover how Jesus' good news changes all of life.
Start your journey towards restoration, beauty, and brightness.

A place you can grow.

Soma Asheville Church

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(We know 'church' can be weird or intimidating sometimes.)