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A people for a better Asheville NC.

Not a Religious List, but...

A Fruitful Life

The gospel is like a seed that gets planted into the soil of our lives. Once rooted and planted, this seed begins to grow and makes our lives fruitful for the good of others.

The South has long been a place known for religion. Religion is an outward husk with no life inside. This has been the experience for many in Asheville NC. They have partaken and been left with hungry souls. Soma Asheville Church longs to plant the seed of the gospel into the barren soil of empty religion. As this seed takes root in individuals, couples, families, and neighborhoods, He promises to bear life-giving fruit all across Asheville and beyond.

Serve the City.

Serve Asheville NC

Not a better Church event, but...
a better city.
Like you, we want a better Asheville not a 'bigger' or 'better' church event. Our aim is to serve alongside existing like-minded churches and spend our lives making a better Asheville in Jesus' name.

We planted Soma Asheville Church in the summer of 2015 in hopes of becoming a good news people filled with love for one another, our neighbors, and our city.
Our Leadership
All of us value leaders who serve and give rather than take and demand. Soma Asheville Church is led by a group of servant-leaders called 'elders' who help us faithfully follow in the way of Jesus. This group of field-tested leaders evidence the character and competency of Jesus. They are committed to the long-term work of spiritually nourishing and maturing the Church so that Soma Asheville Church might become a healthy and whole people.

Tommy Rutledge
Pastor of Vision and Preaching
Tommy had a radical conversion to Jesus in 1996 during his sophomore year in college. He moved to Texas in 2001 to go through a 1-year discipleship program. He then went on to earn a Th.M. in Pastoral Leadership/Historical Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2007. After serving for several years in vocational ministry, Tommy and his wife Celeste felt called to plant a Church in Asheville. Following a Soma Church Planting residency, Tommy, Celeste, and their three children were sent out to plant Soma Asheville Church in 2015. Tommy has 15+ years of experience leading the Church and is burdened for the lost children of God to find their way back home. Tommy and Celeste have been married for 9 years.
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Grant Edwards
Provisional Leader
Grant is the Research and Operations Director for City Leadership, a nonprofit organization in Memphis, TN. He is also a PhD candidate in Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. He has been married to his wife, Christy, for twelve years and they have two daughters, Allie and Lydia.
Chuck Gschwend
Provisional Leader
Chuck is an attorney in Northeast Arkansas and planted Fellowship Jonesboro in 2002. A pastor for nearly 20 years, he also serves in a regional leadership role for Acts 29. Chuck has been married to Lindy for 20+ years and they have three children, Charlie, Billy and Kate.
Milt Squiers
Provisional Leader
Milt Squiers is a pediatrician in Denton Texas and a longtime leader at Denton Bible Church. Milt and his wife Deb have four grown children living in the States and abroad, and a growing number of grandchildren.
We believe the Church should function much like a spiritual household. Soma Asheville Church currently operates under a provisional group of leaders who have come alongside Tommy during this interim period. The long-term goal will be for Soma Asheville Church to appoint and be led by leaders locally as God raises them up.

Staff Team
Serving alongside Tommy Rutledge
Corrie Enright
Administrative Assistant
Corrie was raised in a small town outside of Raleigh, NC and first came to UNC Asheville in 2006. She is now a wife to Billy and a mom to 4-month-old Isaiah. Corrie is thankful for how this church family continually reminds her of the true peace and joy available in Jesus. She loves helping people connect with Soma Asheville Church and finding beauty and brightness in Jesus. You can reach Corrie at [email protected]
What We Believe
What we believe shapes how we order our lives. Soma Asheville Church affirms the historic statements of the Christian faith.
What We Believe
We affirm the Creeds of the early church, Soma's Distinctives, and the Gospel Coalition's Confessional Statement and Theological Vision.
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We affirm the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God to address all matters of faith, life, and practice.

We affirm the God of the Bible as Trinity, God existing eternally as 1 nature yet 3 distinct persons.

We affirm that Jesus Christ came to earth fully human yet also fully deity.

We affirm the total depravity and lostness of man apart from the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

We affirm that salvation comes by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone.

We affirm substitutionary atonement as the only adequate provision for the forgiveness of sins.

We affirm the physical, bodily, resurrection of Jesus Christ to conquer sin, Satan, and death and to inaugurate His kingdom reign upon the earth.

We affirm the physical, literal, 2nd return of Jesus Christ to once and for all to consummate His kingdom reign upon the earth.
Together is better. Soma Asheville Church is a part of the Soma family of churches. We share in their larger vision to see the good news of Jesus saturate North America. To find out more visit WeAreSoma.com.

We also look to partner with other churches in Asheville NC committed to serving our city, meeting needs, and promoting our wonderful community.
Partnering for a Better Asheville
Do you have an opportunity where we can work together for a better Asheville NC?
Please let us know. That's why we're here!
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Soma Asheville: A place you can grow.

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