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Life With Soma Asheville Church

All of us find ways of organizing our normal everyday lives. Our daily lives end up being true expressions of what we believe about who we are and why we're here.

At Soma Asheville Church, we seek to organize everyday life around Jesus. We collectively follow regular life-giving rhythms rather than a set of programs or services. Here's what it looks like for us to follow Jesus together.

Rhythms of Life.

Life-Giving Rhythms

We LISTEN to God and each other.
Our busy lives are filled with voices, some good and some bad. We set aside regular times to listen to the Father like Jesus—in prayer and through God's Word. We also seek to actively hear what God is saying to us in specific moments so that we can obey his will for us. We seek to become better listeners to one other so we know how to better serve.
We CELEBRATE God’s goodness.
A defining characteristic of the early Church was radiant joy. The good news of Jesus truly restored life back to this fountain head of deep abiding joy. God desires that we regularly stop and celebrate His goodness. We gather weekly in Missional Communities and celebrate regularly as a larger family on Sundays to do just that. We remember all that God has done for us in Jesus and is now doing through us by His Spirit.
We seek to BLESS others in light of God's blessing.
God's great plan is to restore blessing back to all peoples through His Son and by His Spirit. To do that, He calls and gifts a group of people to represent that work, i.e. "the Church." Jesus goes on to call the 'church' his 'body'. The Greek word for body is 'Soma'. To steward these gifts we look for tangible ways to bless others in Asheville.
We EAT meals with others to enjoy God‘s provision.
We regularly eat meals with others as an expression of what it's like to be the family of God. Meals are a daily reminder of our common need for God and his faithfulness to provide both physically and spiritually. Following Jesus’ example, we regularly share meals with one another and with those who do not know Jesus.
We RE-CREATE to rest and restore God’s beauty.
We take time to create and re-create in ways that reflect God's nature to others. God is infinitely creative and beautiful. As people created in His image, He made us to create, work, rest, and play in ways that reflect what He is like. We seek to engage in this rhythm of life with our friends and neighbors.
We are STORYFORMED—informed and shaped by God‘s Word.
We believe every person at every moment is living out some story with their lives; "indwelling" a story so to speak. We believe His Story is the greatest story ever told. Our desire to re-align our story more and more with His and become participants in His unfolding drama, playing our God-given role. We are committed to becoming master storytellers of God's Story. In that, we take time to listen to others' stories and help them find their place in God's Story.
We all want to grow. But real change is hard. Check out some of the resources we use to heal, love one another, and grow in character.

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